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Re: [PATCH, gdb6.8] -break-list doesn't list multiple breakpoints

 > > Using the bkptno field means that existing frontends will recognise these
 > > locations as breakpoints.   
 > Yes, but those are not a breakpoints, do it will do a disservice to the
 > existing frontends. In particular, might find it very interesting experience
 > to edit condition of one breakpoint, and having conditions on other
 > breakpoints change. Likewise, changing any properly of location will not
 > work.
 > I think that right now, the only thing that existing frontend cannot do is
 > to individually disable and enable locations. This is nice thing to have,
 > but not very critical, so I think it's fine for only new frontends to have
 > this capability, given the presenting locations as breakpoints comes with a
 > bunch of issues.

If set individually, the multiple breakpoint locations can be used with
deleted, ignore, condition and commands.  Why would this not true when the
location is part of a multiple breakpoint?  Is it just due to the
implementation or a fundamental limitation?


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