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Re: [PATCH, gdb6.8] -break-list doesn't list multiple breakpoints

I can imagine it might be useful to control the breakpoint locations
individually but, in practice I've never needed multiple breakpoints yet.

I need it. Problem is that specific applications loads the same binaries few times (see SystemC simulators), and multiple breakpoints are very useful.

However, if it's not useful then it's probably unlikely that anyone would
try to do it in a frontend as you suggested earlier:

Yes, but those are not a breakpoints, do it will do a disservice to the existing frontends. In particular, might find it very interesting experience to edit condition of one breakpoint, and having conditions on other breakpoints change. Likewise, changing any properly of location will not work.

I did changes for -break-list because I have situation when I have to disable one of location, and I have to find such location. Location behaves in different way as regular breakpoint, so I think it's not good idea to mix this things. I treat locations rather as breakpoint properties than regular breakpoints, but it's only my own opinion.


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