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Re: [patch] Fix Linux attach to signalled/stopped processes

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 05:30:17PM +0200, Jan Kratochvil wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Apr 2008 17:15:45 +0200, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> > On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 03:49:36PM -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> ...
> > > As a gdb user, I have long been annoyed by the behavior on attaching to a
> > > stopped process.  What I want is for attach to complete immediately and let
> > > me examine the process.  If I then "cont", the process should go back to
> > > what it was doing--sitting in job control stop.  Then fg or otherwise
> > > sending SIGCONT will wake it up normally, and gdb should stop and tell me
> > > about the SIGCONT like normal.
> > 
> > How could GDB put an attached process back into job control stop?
> ptrace (PTRACE_DETACH, child_pid, NULL, (void *) (long) SIGSTOP);

Yes, but Roland said "continue" should put the process back into job
control sleep - that's what I was asking about.  I know how to do it
if we're detaching, but not without detaching.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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