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Re: [PATCH, gdb6.8] -break-list doesn't list multiple breakpoints

On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 04:12:58PM +0200, Bogdan Slusarczyk wrote:
> Hi everyone, I wrote my own patch for -break-list. I'm not sure that it  
> meets all requirements mentioned in  
> and previous  
> discussions, but combination -break-list + multiple breakpoints is now  
> usable for me. I'm not familiar with gdb test suit, so it's NOT tested at 
> all (except few my own cases).

There was some discussion of the behavior of multiple-location
breakpoints after this patch was posted, but no discussion of the
actual patch.  Volodya, could you look at it - does this seem like the
right way?

Bogdan, thanks for the patch.  Are you interested in further
contribution to GDB?  If so, I can send you the copyright paperwork we
require; I think this sneaks by just under the limit, but we prefer to
have it on file for the future.

To commit this we'll eventually need manual and testsuite updates.
You don't necessarily have to handle those yourself (though I'm sure
it would be appreciated if you did - on the other hand, at that point
we'd definitely need the paperwork).

Daniel Jacobowitz

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