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Re: [patch] fix for PR2424

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 10:43:47AM -0400, Aleksandar Ristovski wrote:
>> NOTE2: Due to quite significant rework of certain functions in
>> mi-support.exp, 
>> committed diff for testsuite is not exactly the same as the one I posted.
>> took 
>> liberty to commit anyway since the changes are functionally the same;
>> the 
>> slightly awkward syntax for "mi_expect_stop" call, namely the "extra"
>> argument 
>> which now must be something like { "" "disp=\"keep\"" } - I don't think
>> too 
>> bad (it can be beautified later).
> Committing anyway is fine.  When you commit a modified version of a
> patch, though, please post the final version for the list archives.
> Thanks.  That way anyone whose code is affected can see the changes.

For the record, posting the final diff for testsuite.

2008-04-15  Aleksandar Ristovski  <>

	* gdb.base/attach.exp (do_attach_tests): Matching pattern for
	temporary breakpoint to match "Temporary breakpoint".
	* gdb.base/break.exp (delete_breakpoints): Likewise.
	* gdb.base/call-ar-st.exp (get_debug_format): Likewise.
	* gdb.base/commands.exp (temporary_breakpoint_commands): Likewise.
	* gdb.base/display.exp: Likewise.
	* gdb.base/foll-exec.exp (do_exec_tests): Likewise.
	* gdb.base/foll-fork.exp (catch_fork_child_follow): Likewise.
	* gdb.base/restore.exp (restore_tests): Likewise.
	* gdb.base/sepdebug.exp: Likewise.
	* gdb.base/watchpoint.exp: Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi-cli.exp: Added argument for new "disp" field.
	* gdb.mi/mi-pending.exp: Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi-simplerun.exp (test_running_the_program): Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi-until.exp (test_runnint_to_foo): Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi-var-cmd.exp: Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi-var-display.exp: Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi2-cli.exp: Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi2-simplerun.exp (test_running_the_program): Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi2-until.exp (test_running_to_foo): Likewise.
	* gdb.mi/mi2-var-display.exp: Likewise.
	* lib/gdb.exp (gdb_breakpoint): Pattern for temporary breakpoint.
	* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_runto_helper): Use "after_reason" argument
	new "disp" field.
	(mi_expect_stop): Move after_reason argument to be really after
	reason. This is to support fix for PR2424.

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