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Re: [RFA] mixed source+assembly from cli disassemble

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 11:55 AM, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:
> Doug,
>  > 2008-04-03  Doug Evans  <>
>  >
>  >       * cli/cli-cmds.c (print_disassembly): New fn.
>  >       (disassemble_current_function): New fn.
>  >       (disassemble_command): Recognize /s modifier, print mixed
>  >       source+assembly.
>  >       (init_cli_cmds): Update disassemble help text.
>  MichaelS already approved the patch, and I agree with him. I had some
>  comments, and a request so I'm sending them now.
>  First, the request: Can you also write up a NEWS entry? I think this
>  is a great addition and it deserves a mention in NEWS.


>  The ChangeLog is missing the entry for the documentation update. Please
>  make sure that EliZ has seen it before checking in.  I'm not sure
>  whether this is the case or not anymore.

Sorry, creature of habit.  Way back when such changelog entries were
never done (per gnu coding standards).

>  I also personally prefer to avoid abbreviations such as "fn", although
>  the GNU coding standards say nothing against them - so it may only be
>  a personally preference. I see that it has been use a few times in
>  the past, but most uses is in the 90s. Don't change it unless other
>  maintainers agree that it should be changed.
>  > +       printf_filtered ("from ");
>  > +       deprecated_print_address_numeric (low, 1, gdb_stdout);
>  > +       printf_filtered (" to ");
>  > +       deprecated_print_address_numeric (high, 1, gdb_stdout);
>  > +       printf_filtered (":\n");
>  While you are modifying this code, I think the following should work too:
>     printf_filtered ("form %s to %s:\n", paddress (low), paddress (high));
>  Not only does this help us get rid of a couple of uses of deprecated
>  functions, I believe it's also better for i18n.


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