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Re: [RFA/RFC] Report the original location specification for a breakpoint.

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 02:34:57PM +0400, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> This patch adds the necessary MI support for reporting the original location.
> It's not ready to be checked in because MI testsuite will likely break all over.
> OTOH, I've tested this with KDevelop4, and it works just fine. I'll fix this
> before committing.
> Is this patch OK?
> In fact, I wonder if I can commit patches like this, that touch files
> outside of MI code but apparently change behaviour only for MI, without
> approval. Any comments?

Isn't this going to affect more than MI?  I thought the text from
ui_out_field_string was displayed for console too, just without the

This definitely needs documentation to go in.  I can't say this
enough.  Undocumented fields in the MI output might as well not exist.

Beyond those, I don't see a problem with it.  Though wouldn't we like
to display this in the CLI sometimes too?

Daniel Jacobowitz

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