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Re: Patch to handle compressed sections

On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 11:57:52AM -0700, Craig Silverstein wrote:
> } You can use bfd_getb64.
> Yeah, we had some debate about that internally.  The issue is that
> bfd_getb64 crashes on machines without a 64-bit int type.  That seemed
> unnecessarily harsh here, especially since in practice section sizes
> will never be longer than 32 bits.

I see.  Well, you could use bfd_getb32 twice... I just felt that the
eight copies of that line were excessive.

> } The other things needed for this feature are, IMO:
> Makes sense to me.  Should that be part of this patch, or is it ok to
> do it in a followup patch?

A followup is fine, as long as I know you're going to look at it :-)

> Makes sense.  Further plans, if we ever get around to it, include
> adding support to readelf, objdump, and addr2line, and adding support
> to as to generate compressed sections in .o files (obviously, this
> will require a linker that knows how to deal with that, so it's a
> longer-term plan).  I'll add objcopy to the list.

Thanks!  I may get around to these too - there's been an outstanding
request for this in Debian for years.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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