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Re: [PATCH] Fix for 64-Bit Core Files on AIX

> > Yes, I did a quick manual test with both 32- and 64-bit core files and
> > executables to make sure that the changes worked as expected.  I also
> > ran the testsuite several times before and after the change was made
> > to make sure that there were no adverse side-effects.  The only caveat
> > is that the only version of AIX that I was able to use for testing was
> >
> Thanks for confirming the testing. I will see if I can test the change
> on AIX 5.1 and then commit it.

I wasn't able to test this change on 5.1 as our 5.1 machine apparently
stopped working a while ago. I did some testing on 5.2, and then
committed your patch.

Just a couple of additional remarks:

  - I fixed a missing space at the end of your comment:
      /* Your comment should have too space after the dot.  */

  - Would it be much work for you to change the MIME type used for
    your patches? Right now, it's application/octet-stream which
    makes it harder to read and reply to.

Would you mind letting us know when the BFD part is checked in, and
we'll add a NEWS entry for this new feature.

Thank you,

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