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Re: [RFA] Support for multiple calling conventions, patch 3/3: Use calling convention information to handle differnt ABIs on sh target

> Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 17:30:08 +0200
> From: Corinna Vinschen <>
> Is the following documentation patch ok?

Yes, with comments:

> +@cindex Set SH Calling convention

All index entries should start with a lower-case letter, for

> +In the @samp{gcc} setting, functions are called using the gcc calling
"With" is better than "in" here.

Also, we use @value{NGCC} instead of literal "gcc" (this doesn't apply
to @samp{gcc}, of course).

> +convention.  If the DWARF-2 information of the called function specifies
> +that the function is following the Renesas calling convention, the function
"the function follows the Renesas calling convention"

> +is called using the renesas calling convention.  If the calling convention
"renesas" or "Renesas"? we should be consistent.

> +is set to @samp{renesas}, the Renesas calling convention is always used,
> +regardless of the Dwarf-2 information.  This can be used to override the

"DWARF-2" or "Dwarf-2"?

> +@item show sh calling-convention
> +@cindex Show SH Calling convention

Finally, please index each command (literally) with @kindex, as we do
for all other commands.


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