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Re: Using STL containers with GDB

Thiago Jung Bauermann wrote:

> On Tue, 2008-04-22 at 14:28 +0200, Vincent Benony wrote:
>> > Thanks for doing this.  As for a long term solution, please take a
>> > look at the in-progress Python branch, in Volodya's git repository.
> <snip>
>> > I really hope we'll have it included in the next release!
>> > 
>> Thank you for the information, I tought this projet was aborted, but
>> it's a great news that a python scripting support is planned for GDB !
>> This will be a cleaner solution to have those features implemented in
>> external libs.
> FYI, I'm thinking of preparing patches with the code from the git
> repository by the weekend, or early next week (Tromey and Volodya, if
> you have other plans I'm fine, just let me know, also if you want to do
> the patches yourselves I'm fine too :-D ) and post them as RFC to this
> list.

I expect to have MI dynamic varobjs done in an hour. I mostly care about MI,
but the visualizer classes I have in mind can be easily wrapper in some
functions callable from cli.

- Volodya

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