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Re: [PATCH] long long for printf on MinGW

On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 04:12:40PM +0100, Andrew STUBBS wrote:
> 2006-10-11  Andrew Stubbs  <>
> 	* printcmd.c: Define USE_PRINTF_I64 and PRINTF_HAS_LONG_LONG on MinGW.
> 	(printf_command): Convert %lld to %I64d when USE_PRINTF_I64 set.

I'm somewhat willing to approve this patch.  Note this is the revised
one from

I had ambitious plans involving making printf work on target types.
But they aren't going to come through any time soon.

However, for host types we could import the printf (vsprintf-posix)
module from gnulib, then always assume PRINTF_HAS_LONG_LONG as long as
HAVE_LONG_LONG_INT.  I did the work of adding gnulib modules already.
So maybe this is a better option.  What do you think?

> +	      /* Windows' printf does support long long, but not the usual way.
> +		 Convert %lld to %I64d.  */
> +	      int length_before_ll = f - last_arg - 1 - lcount;
> +	      strncpy (current_substring, last_arg, length_before_ll);
> +	      strcpy (current_substring + length_before_ll, "I64");
> +	      current_substring[length_before_ll + 3] =
> +		last_arg[length_before_ll + lcount];
> +	      current_substring += length_before_ll + 4;

You've got enough buffer space to do this but I had to think about it
a couple times to work out why :-)

Daniel Jacobowitz

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