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Re: [RFC] gdb could leave inferior running as a background process

On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 12:40:50PM -0700, Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
> IOW, any time inferior is running, gdb should be prohibited
> from calling terminal_ours (or warning). Save/restore terminal in
> warning() itself isn't good enough ...
> This protocol will probably be hard to enforce, and I wonder how
> this will play with non-stop debugging ...

In most non-stop scenarios, the inferior has a separate terminal or
no terminal.  So it's not a big deal.  If it's sharing a terminal
you have a bigger problem - you'll background the application when
you write the prompt.

> >  Where is the warning issued?
> #0  warning (string=0x82e9520 "(Internal error: pc 0x%s in read in
> psymtab, but not in symtab.)\n") at
> ../../../google_vendor_src_branch/gdb/gdb-6.8.x/gdb/utils.c:615
> #1  0x08112c5b in find_pc_sect_symtab (pc=134512896, section=0x0) at
> ../../../google_vendor_src_branch/gdb/gdb-6.8.x/gdb/symtab.c:1984
> #2  0x08112d79 in find_pc_sect_line (pc=134512896, section=0x0,
> notcurrent=0) at
> ../../../google_vendor_src_branch/gdb/gdb-6.8.x/gdb/symtab.c:2140
> #3  0x08112fcc in find_pc_line (pc=134512896, notcurrent=0) at
> ../../../google_vendor_src_branch/gdb/gdb-6.8.x/gdb/symtab.c:2262
> #4  0x08128698 in init_execution_control_state (ecs=0xffffd05c) at
> ../../../google_vendor_src_branch/gdb/gdb-6.8.x/gdb/infrun.c:1128
> #5  0x08128344 in wait_for_inferior (treat_exec_as_sigtrap=0) at
> ../../../google_vendor_src_branch/gdb/gdb-6.8.x/gdb/infrun.c:1012

Ugh.  Perhaps we can do this before resuming.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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