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Re: Using STL containers with GDB

Le 22 avr. 08 à 23:51, Daniel Jacobowitz a écrit :

The Python branch appears to work for executables compiled with Gcc only. I'm
curious to know if this approach will work for executables built using other

Vincent's implementation has the layout of the GNU STL implementation hardcoded into it - so even less portable than the Python implementation, which uses the field names.

You are right, this patch is very hardcoded. I assume that fields of STL containers are always in the same order. I ask GDB the size of "void *", and I compute fields offsets using this information to read things I need. If you use another compiler, but with GNU STL headers, this patch *should* continue to work...

The reason why I do not use fields name is that I had some problems with GDB parser: my first approach was to use GDB scripts, but there were many problems, like no recursive dump (an std::list into an std::vector for example), and I was unable to cast a pointer into a type that was a template, I mean GDB parser was able to parse a expression like

(gdb) p (struct Something*) pointer

but not something like

(gdb) p (std::list<int> *) pointer

So, you should see my patch as a quick an ugly way of using GDB to debug program that use STL container today, but not a patch to be included into GDB for future releases.

My idea was first to consider having GDB call some kind of external script in particular situation, and this seems to be the goal of Python scripting system, and that's why I feel very enthusiast about this project.

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