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Re: [PATCH] -stack-info-frame/-stack-list-frames

 > My concern about this has been, and still is, that front ends will
 > assign more meaning to it than it really has.  This is one of the
 > trickiest parts of GDB.  We already use frame addresses (specifically
 > $fp) to create varobjs in non-current frames; this is basically the
 > only thing the entire complicated frame_base machinery is used for
 > when not using stabs and it really should go away.

I thought there was sometimes an eight byte offset as Mark Kettenis so
eloquently described in:

But thats a good cas in point.  If the frontend end is to operate in a
stateless manner, as Vladimir has suggested, and varobjs are created in
non-selected frames, it needs to know the frame addresses:


 > How about we call it the stack address of the frame instead of the
 > frame address?  Then it can come from the unwound $sp, which will
 > be at the other end of the frame and is better defined.

I don't care what it's called.  If value this is different from
get_frame_base (fi) how is it computed?


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