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Re: [PATCH] -stack-info-frame/-stack-list-frames

 > You gave a perfect example in your other reply, just now, of why front
 > ends should not have a frame address.  If you are ever in the position
 > of dealing with a recursive function and you want to know which
 > instance a variable comes from, the frame address is insufficient.
 > For instance IA-64 can have stackless recursive functions; they
 > use only the separate register stack.

Well you understand the internals much better than I do, but whenever I've
looked at the frame addresses on i386 they've appeared meaningful.  Are
"stackless recursive functions" special to IA-64 or a consequence of
optimisation?  If the values are meaningful "most of the time" then I think
it's OK to have this field, if not then I guess it might just confuse.

 > If you want to know which frame the varobj is associated with GDB
 > should supply some unique opaque identifier, and then the IDE can
 > use that to show the frame number in a tooltip or wherever.

Do you mean use something like uuidgen to associate a key with a frame
and output that as a field for a variable object?


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