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Re: [PATCH] -stack-info-frame/-stack-list-frames

Daniel Jacobowitz writes:
 > > Maybe Gdb could somehow identify the cases where the address isn't useful.
 > If there are known cases where the address isn't useful, I (like
 > Vladimir) do not understand why we should export it.

For the cases where it is useful?

 > > I don't think the number need be that unbounded, it's not needed for each
 > > frame, only those in which a varobj is created.  But it appears that the
 > > linked list of frames gets destroyed and recreated each time execution
 > > occurs, in which case any id information is also lost (I was looking at
 > > using an extra member in struct frame_info).
 > Right, that's the whole problem.  It has to last as long as the
 > frame_id, not the frame_info.

It looks pretty intractable.  It looks like the only place to store the
identifier is in the stack itself, perhap through some compile option,
-fframe-id, say.  I don't know if compilers are allowed to create local
variables and I guess it's all getting too complicated.


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