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Re: [RFA] [doc] thread-created/thread-exited

> From: Vladimir Prus <>
> Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 21:44:03 +0400
> This patch documents the thread-create and thread-exited MI notification.
> It also fixes the terminology as bit -- the grammar say that out-of-band
> record is either async record or stream record, whereas the following docs
> first describe stream records and then talk about async records, but call
> them out-of-band.
> OK?

Did you actually try to say "make info" after applying these patches?
Because I don't see how it could fly: you've modified the name of a
node, but did not change the corresponding item in the @menu of the
section of which "GDB/MI Out-of-band Records" was a subsection.  That
ought to trigger error messages from makeinfo.

> +The following is the list of possible async records

A colon at the end of this line, please.

>  @table @code
>  @item *stopped,reason="@var{reason}"
> +The target has stopped.
> +@item =thread-created,id="@var{id}"
> +@item =thread-exited,id="@var{id}"
> +A thread either was created, or has exited. The @var{id} field
> +contains the @var{GDBN} identifier of the thread.
>  @end table

Please leave an empty line before an @item line, otherwise it will
look ugly in print.  Also, you cannot have 2 @item lines in a row; all
but the first one must be @itemx, or else the formatting of the table
will come out wrong.  Finally, 2 spaces after a period that ends a
sentence, please.

> +For the @samp{*stopped} async record, the @var{reason} field can have
> +one of the following values:
>  @table @code
>  @item breakpoint-hit

I'd put this right after the @item above that introduced the
`*stopped' record (yes, a table inside a table).  Didactically, it is
better to have related information close together, rather than apart.

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