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Re: Fwd: [RFA] new command to search memory

> Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 07:06:51 -0700
> From: "Doug Evans" <>
> --- NEWS	4 Apr 2008 15:51:15 -0000	1.264
> +++ NEWS	17 Apr 2008 02:35:23 -0000

This part is okay, thanks.

> +	  printf_filtered (_("empty search range\n"));

Do we want to capitalize the messages (here and elsewhere in your

> --- doc/gdb.texinfo	16 Apr 2008 13:14:18 -0000	1.481
> +++ doc/gdb.texinfo	17 Apr 2008 02:35:24 -0000

This part is also okay, but I have a few comments/corrections.

> +@table @code
> +@item b
> +Bytes.
> +@item h
> +Halfwords (two bytes).
> +@item w
> +Words (four bytes).
> +@item g
> +Giant words (eight bytes).
> +@end table

In this table, the text under @item's are not complete sentences, so
it's better to start them with a lowercase letter and not end them
with a period.

> +This means, for example, that if the current source language is C/C++

Please use C@t{++} for "C++", it looks better in print.

> +then searching for the string "hello" includes the trailing '\0'.

Please quote text ``like this'', rather than "like this", it looks
better in print (and will be translated into "like this" in the
on-line manual).

> +Note that this means, for example, that in the case of C-like languages
> +a search for an untyped 0x42 will search for "(int) 0x42"

Please use @samp{(int) 0x42}, to force use of typeface appropriate for
program symbols.

> +@item @var{n}, maximum number of finds
> +The maximum number of finds to print.  The default is to print all finds.

I think "matches" is a better word than "finds".

> +Strings may be specified for search values, quote them with double-quotes

It's better to avoid passive tense.  For example:

  You can use strings as search values.  Quote them with double-quotes

> +For example, if stopped at the printf in this function:

"printf" should be in @code.

> +@smallexample
> +void
> +hello ()
> +@{
> +  static char hello[] = "hello-hello";
> +  static struct @{ char c; short s; int i; @} __attribute__ ((packed)) mixed

This last line is too long for a @smallexample.  Please break it into
two shorter lines.

> +You get during debugging:

This is a continuation of the sentence broken by @smallexample.  So
you should begin it with a lower-case `y', and you should put
@noindent (on a line of itself) immediately before it, to prevent
indentation that is typically output at the beginning of a paragraph.

Other than that, your changes for the documentation are okay with me.

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