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Re: [PATCH:MI] Return a subset of a variable object's children

On Wednesday 30 April 2008 11:19:59 Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Andrà PÃnitz wrote:
> >> I wonder if deleting children that are not visible is possible/desirable.
> > 
> > Well, I would still prefer a simple toggle that would allow me to switch off
> > any automatic creation of children
> There's no automatic creation. Until you do -list-children, no child is created.

That's what I meant. Right now I can't get a list of children without
varobjects being created.

> > and one-shot 'expression evaluation' and one-shot 'children listing'.
> What is 'expression evaluation'.

A shortcut for

  -var-create foo * exp
  -var-evaluate-expression foo
  -var-delete foo

optionally including a

  -var-list-children foo

Maybe its already there and I just did not see it...

> [...]
> I'm afraid I don't get your point. If you want funny representations of
> any type you can either:
> 1. Use Python visualizers (that can be switched on the fly)

Right. I guess that's probably the route to go for me in the long run.
I am a bit scared by the additional dependency, though, so I wouldn't
mind to have a reasonably well working 'pure MI' solution as fallback,

> 2. Just get the raw data and show it as you see fit.

This does not work too well with structures containing pointers
or such. It's fine for 'position independent' data like bitmaps or
so, though.


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