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[commit] Minor testsuite fixups

The perror in gdb1250.exp is redundant; runto will have already called
fail.  perror is annoying, because it causes the next test result -
even if it is a PASS, even if it is in another test script - to become

Also, one case in mi_delete_breakpoints was not matching the prompt.
This could lead to spurious failures in mi-var-invalidate.exp
depending on output speed.

Tested on mips-linux-gnu, checked in.

Daniel Jacobowitz

2008-04-30  Daniel Jacobowitz  <>

	* gdb.base/gdb1250.exp: Remove perror.
	* lib/mi-support.exp (mi_delete_breakpoints): Match the prompt.

--- gdb.base/gdb1250.exp	(revision 1024)
+++ gdb.base/gdb1250.exp	(local)
@@ -43,7 +43,6 @@ gdb_reinitialize_dir $srcdir/$subdir
 gdb_load ${binfile}
 if ![runto abort {allow-pending}] then {
-    perror "couldn't run to breakpoint"
--- lib/mi-support.exp	(revision 1024)
+++ lib/mi-support.exp	(local)
@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ proc mi_delete_breakpoints {} {
     send_gdb "103-break-list\n"
     gdb_expect 30 {
 	 -re "103-break-list\r\n103\\\^done,BreakpointTable=\{\}\r\n$mi_gdb_prompt$" {}
-	 -re "103-break-list\r\n103\\\^done,BreakpointTable=\{nr_rows=\".\",nr_cols=\".\",hdr=\\\[\{width=\".*\",alignment=\".*\",col_name=\"number\",colhdr=\"Num\"\}.*colhdr=\"Type\".*colhdr=\"Disp\".*colhdr=\"Enb\".*colhdr=\"Address\".*colhdr=\"What\".*\\\],body=\\\[\\\]\}" {}
+	 -re "103-break-list\r\n103\\\^done,BreakpointTable=\{nr_rows=\".\",nr_cols=\".\",hdr=\\\[\{width=\".*\",alignment=\".*\",col_name=\"number\",colhdr=\"Num\"\}.*colhdr=\"Type\".*colhdr=\"Disp\".*colhdr=\"Enb\".*colhdr=\"Address\".*colhdr=\"What\".*\\\],body=\\\[\\\]\}\r\n$mi_gdb_prompt$" {}
 	 -re "103-break-list\r\n103\\\^doneNo breakpoints or watchpoints.\r\n\r\n$mi_gdb_prompt$" {warning "Unexpected console text received"}
 	 -re "$mi_gdb_prompt$" { perror "Breakpoints not deleted" ; return }
 	 -re "Delete all breakpoints.*or n.*$" {

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