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Re: [non-stop] 05/10 Refactor a bit infrun.c

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 10:04:43PM +0100, Pedro Alves wrote:
> 2008-06-15  Pedro Alves  <>
> 	* infrun.c (currently_stepping): Take a struct
> 	thread_stepping_state instead of an execution_control_state.
> 	(struct thread_stepping_state): New, split from
> 	execution_control_state.
> 	(gtss, tss): New globals.
> 	(proceed): Clear the stepping state, set previous_inferior_ptid
> 	and clear infwait state.
> 	(init_wait_for_inferior): Clear the stepping state,
> 	previous_inferior_ptid and infwait state.
> 	(waiton_ptid, infwait_state): New, split from
> 	execution_control_state.
> 	(struct execution_control_state): Members that persist through
> 	events moved out to either struct thred_stepping_state or made
> 	global.  Deleted unneeded wp, saved_inferior_ptid, tmpstatus.
> 	(wait_for_inferior, fetch_inferior_event): Use local
> 	execution_control_state.  Update to execution_control_state split.
> 	(init_execution_control_state): Adjust.
> 	(init_thread_stepping_state): New, extracted from
> 	init_execution_control_state.
> 	(context_switch): Take a ptid instead of an
> 	execution_control_state.
> 	(context_switch_to): Adjust.
> 	(adjust_pc_after_break): Adjust.
> 	(init_infwait_state): New.
> 	(handle_inferior_event): Adjust.

> @@ -1491,13 +1510,16 @@ wait_for_inferior (int treat_exec_as_sig
>  void
>  fetch_inferior_event (void *client_data)
>  {
> +  struct execution_control_state ecss = ecss;

Please don't use this - IIRC it's a GCC extension to shut up
uninitialized variable warnings.  If there are warnings without the
initializer, just memset it.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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