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Re: [MI/RFC] Emit ^running via observer.

On Thursday 26 June 2008 07:20:14 Nick Roberts wrote:
>  > I've checked in the following, which differs from original by extra test
>  > strictness.  
> Thanks.
>  >              Further, I've converted mi-async.exp to use the helper
>  > functions. Nick, as it stands now it does not seem that mi-async.exp tests
>  > async behaviour at all -- it merely changes that we get ^running for CLI
>  > commands, and we get that in both sync and async mode. Do you think it
>  > worthwhile to rename the test or move its content somewhere else?
> The tests appear to fail now. 

Which tests? With unmodified CVS state, all MI tests pass for me both in sync
and async mode. But indeed, if I make mi-async.exp not force async mode, it
starts to fail....

> r
> &"r\n"
> ~"Starting program: /home/nickrob/myprog \n"
> =thread-created,id="1"
> ^running
> *running,thread-id="all"
> (gdb) 
> ~"\n"
> ~"Breakpoint 1, main (argc=1, argv=0xbf961424) at myprog.c:146\n"
> ~"146\tmain (int argc, char **argv) {\n"
> *stopped
> (gdb) 

... in this way. 

> i.e no reason, frame, file, etc fields.  It's important for the console in a
> frontend that the CLI command generates the same MI output as the corresponding
> MI command.

Of course. This is pre-existing problem, though, and was present in gdb 6.8 --
except that we did not output neither ^running nor *stopped at all -- so apparently
making mi-async.exp not actually enable async mode is a bit premature yet. The problem,
it appears, is that while the CLI command executes, 'uiout' is the CLI interpreter's
uiout, not MI uiout. I'll probably won't have time to work on this in next month,
so patches welcome.

- Volodya

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