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Re: [RFC] Special casing dtors?

On Thursday 02 April 2009 00:46:17, Keith Seitz wrote:
> Can you apply the attached patch to your tree and try again?

Since this stabs patch in now in HEAD, I've redone the testing.  I
confirm that with this patch installed, your original patch doesn't
introduce any new failures on the templates.exp test on
stabs --- gcc 4.2, or head.  Yay!

> So, I guess my position is that since stabs is so darn broken any way, 
> we might as well apply the patch and deal with the fallout. At least 
> then we'll know (and hopefully document) WHY all this special casing of 
> dtors is necessary.

On my end, your original patch is clear to go in.

> PS. I still don't understand how you are getting DWARF2 failures. I've 
> run these tests on gcc 4.2.0, 4.2.4, 4.3.2, and 4.4.0, and NONE of those 
> compilers demonstrate any failures after the patch; they all fail BEFORE 
> the patch is applied. I guess I'll deal with this next.

This must be a miscomunication.  I never said I was getting DWARF
failures.  I just re-confirmed that your original patch does remove
the dtors kfail in templates.exp on dwarf.

 -KFAIL: gdb.cp/templates.exp: destructor breakpoint (PRMS: gdb/1112)
 +PASS: gdb.cp/templates.exp: destructor breakpoint

Pedro Alves

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