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Re: preparing the upcoming GDB 7.4 release

> I thought we still have two weeks before branching, looks I am wrong.

No, we still have 2 weeks. What I am saying only applies if you think
you are not going to make it.

> Usually, how long it may take from receiving mail about "preparing the
> upcomming GDB X.X release" to branching? and how long from "branching"
> to release?

I try to give everyone a heads-up before we start the process. How
much before, well depends on my good will and how submerged by other
work I am... I don't have an alarm in my calendar that says "send
email to gdb-patches for XX weeks heads-up on next release branch",
but I do enter the tentative dates, and I try to send the email
when I think we're getting close.

There are several ways you can know about these dates:

  1. It's in the "schedule" page, part of the GDB website:

  2. I make sure we discuss those dates at the end of each
     release cycle. Usually, not very many people are really
     interested in the next release date at that stage of the
     development. But the next cycle is announced.

So, although there is the heads-up that I send as a courtesy,
you should also be able to plan your work based on the dates
published several months in advance.

> I don't find anything useful to describe this release process.

What else do you want to know? I'll be happy to answer them, and
then we can discuss documentation updates wherever you feel
more documentation is needed.

Bottom line: Just make sure your patches get reviewed and approved
before the tentative branch time, and there will be no problem.
It looks like it's well under way for your patches.


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