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Re: RFA: manual updates for c++

>>>>> "Eli" == Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

>> Both -gstabs+ and -gdwarf-2 are obsolete nowadays

Eli> On most platforms, but not on all of them.  It's true that -gdwarf-2
Eli> is the default, though.

No, -gdwarf-3 is the default.  Someday it will be -gdwarf-4.  -gdwarf-2
really is obsolete, DWARF 2 is quite ancient and there have been many
important additions since then.

-gstabs+ ... I don't know as much about stabs.  My impression is that
they don't handle C++ very well.  Certainly on the GCC side nobody puts
any work into them at all, and very little work in GDB.

So, I think that sentence remains true.  Perhaps it is untrue on
platforms which are themselves obsolete.

>> +                                               Starting with version
>> +4.7, @value{NGCC} can emit macro information in a more compact format.

Eli> Why is this part important to a GDB user?

A previous sentence mentions that the information is large.  Assuming
that this earlier sentence provides any value to the GDB user,
mentioning that the problem can be ameliorated also seems appropriate.

>> +     Recent versions of @value{NGCC} support @option{-gdwarf-3}
>> +@option{-gdwarf-4};

Eli> Should there be an "and" between the two option names?  They are
Eli> orthogonal, right?



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