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Re: [patch 5/5] Document

On 11/15/2011 10:33 PM, Luis Machado wrote:
>> +to breakpoint, @dfn{pending tracepoint}---tracepoint whose address is
> to breakpoints, @dfn{pending tracepoint}---tracepoints whose addresses are
>> +not yet resolved, is supported as well.  Pending tracepoint is not
> not yet resolved are supported as well.  Pending tracepoints are not
>> +downloaded to target and not installed until it is resolved.  The
> downloaded to and installed on the target until they are resolved.  The
>> +resolution of pending tracepoint requires @value{GDBN} support.  In
> resolution of pending tracepoints require @value{GDBN} support.  In

I noticed that `pending breakpoint' is in singular form in document, so
I choose singular form for `pending tracepoint' as well.  I am OK with
either of them.

>> +remote target, when @value{GDBN} disconnects from remote stub, pending
> the remote target, when @value{GDBN} disconnects from the remote stub,
> pending

Right, we need "the" here.

>> +tracepoint still exists but can not be resolved during disconnection.
> tracepoints still exist but will not be resolved until @value{GDBN}
> reconnects to it.

There is a minor difference between yours and mine, IIUC.  "will not be
resolved until GDB reconnects to it" means "pending tracepoints will be
resolved immediately after GDB reconnects to it", which is not true.  We
don't know when a pending tracepoint can be resolved, but we are sure
that the pending tracepoint can not be resolved when gdb disconnects.
What do you think?

Yao (éå)

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