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Re: [patch 5/5] Document

> Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011 13:08:18 -0200
> From: Luis Machado <>
> CC:
> On 11/15/2011 12:56 PM, Yao Qi wrote:
> > On 11/15/2011 10:33 PM, Luis Machado wrote:
> >>> +to breakpoint, @dfn{pending tracepoint}---tracepoint whose address is
> >> to breakpoints, @dfn{pending tracepoint}---tracepoints whose addresses are
> >>
> >>> +not yet resolved, is supported as well.  Pending tracepoint is not
> >> not yet resolved are supported as well.  Pending tracepoints are not
> >>
> >>> +downloaded to target and not installed until it is resolved.  The
> >> downloaded to and installed on the target until they are resolved.  The
> >>
> >>> +resolution of pending tracepoint requires @value{GDBN} support.  In
> >> resolution of pending tracepoints require @value{GDBN} support.  In
> >>
> > I noticed that `pending breakpoint' is in singular form in document, so
> > I choose singular form for `pending tracepoint' as well.  I am OK with
> > either of them.
> Should be OK as well. This is a minor suggestion. It just sounded a bit 
> more natural.

I agree: plural is better.

> >>> +tracepoint still exists but can not be resolved during disconnection.
> >> tracepoints still exist but will not be resolved until @value{GDBN}
> >> reconnects to it.
> > There is a minor difference between yours and mine, IIUC.  "will not be
> > resolved until GDB reconnects to it" means "pending tracepoints will be
> > resolved immediately after GDB reconnects to it", which is not true.  We
> > don't know when a pending tracepoint can be resolved, but we are sure
> > that the pending tracepoint can not be resolved when gdb disconnects.
> > What do you think
> "will not be resolved until GDB reconnects to it" meant to say that 
> while GDB is disconnected from the remote target, pending tracepoints 
> won't be resolved. We can be more explicit about this if the phrasing 
> isn't clear.
> "during disconnection" made it sound like something happens while GDB is 
> disconnecting.
> Maybe "tracepoints still exist but cannot be resolved while GDB is 
> disconnected?"


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