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Re: [PATCH 22/348] Fix -Wsahdow warnings

On Tuesday 22 November 2011 11:05:39 Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > please condense down your patches if you resend.  there's way too many
> > little tiny ones that really should be squashed into a single
> > changeset.
> In my view, if the patches can be checked in independently, then
> it is a good thing that they are split. Imagine the situation where
> one of these changes is bad, we'd then be able to revert that one
> patch, rather than fixing by hand.

i'm not saying it should be exactly 1 patch.  but 348 is way too big.  doing 
it on an API or file level is a good compromise.

> > your ChangeLogs are also incorrect.  it should not be:
> > 	* bcache.c (expand_hash_table): Fix -Wshadow warnings.
> > 
> > but rather:
> > 	* bcache.c (expand_hash_table): Rename bcache to cache.
> I'm 50/50 on this. I don't mind either way. What do others think?
> Is that really that important that we must create boring extra work
> for Andrey?

it's my understanding that the GNU changelog style is "document what changed" 
and not "why".  i think that's largely stupid, but i'm not the one in control 
of said policy.

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