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Re: RFC: Introduce remote console for CLI interpreter via telnet

On 12/1/11 3:07 PM, Joel Brobecker wrote:

First, thank you for sending the patch.

Attached is the patch that introduces telnet service which can
accept and execute CLI commands from the remote user.
No one commented on the desireability of such a feature.
I'm a bit indifferent, to tell you the truth, and it would
be nice to hear from others. For now, I've only skimmed over
the patch...

Thanks for the feedback!

This patch originated as a feature request from users of another (proprietary) debugger that is used with Eclipse; as I understand it, they use it to provide remote access to help someone working with the IDE, to do some kinds of scripting-like setup, and to serve as a general backdoor fixing up situations where the Eclipse->debugger interface messes up.

I suspect that some of these users' needs could probably be handled by various Eclipse and/or MI hackery, but as we've nominally had a multi-input architecture for some time, it seemed more general, and dare I say it, even a little more elegant to simply allow command streams to come in from multiple sources.


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