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Re: [PATCH] arm reversible : <phase_2_complete>

>>>>> "oza" == oza Pawandeep <> writes:

oza> please find the updated patch; I have tried my level best to take care
oza> the most to get formatting right.
oza> And also, all extra parentheses removed.


oza> please have a look.  (hope mailer does not do anything)

Your mailer is still screwed up.

You didn't write a ChangeLog entry or a NEWS entry.
Please do this.  I have asked at least once now.  These are just
baseline things for getting patches into gdb; if you don't respond to
these requests it makes me tend to prioritize other patches over yours.

oza> +      /* if this insn has fallen into extension space
oza> +         then we need not decode it anymore.  */
oza> +      if (ret != -1 && !INSN_RECORDED(arm_record))
oza> +        {
oza> +          arm_handle_insn[insn_id] (arm_record);

Still not checking the return value.

oza> +/* cleans up local record registers and memory allocations.  */

Should start with a capital letter.
Blank line between comment and function.

oza> +void deallocate_reg_mem(insn_decode_record *record)

Newline after void.
Space before open paren.

oza> +{
oza> +  if (record->arm_regs)
oza> +    xfree (record->arm_regs);
oza> +  if (record->arm_mems)
oza> +    xfree (record->arm_mems);
oza> +}

You can call xfree on a NULL pointer.  Just remove those ifs.

oza> +          for (no_of_rec = 0; no_of_rec < arm_record.mem_rec_count;
oza> no_of_rec++)
oza> +          {

Brace indentation looks wrong.

There are still other minor formatting issues.  I saw 21 places where
there is a comma at the start of a line, please fix all of these.
I think there were some other problems, too, but at this point I have
stopped caring.


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