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RE: RFC: Introduce remote console for CLI interpreter via telnet

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Tom Tromey [] 
> Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011 3:52 PM
> To: Marc Khouzam
> Cc: 'Stan Shebs'; ''
> Subject: Re: RFC: Introduce remote console for CLI 
> interpreter via telnet
> >>>>> "Marc" == Marc Khouzam <> writes:
> Marc> I'm actually hoping to use this feature directly from 
> Eclipse, to
> Marc> provide a full-fledge GDB-console within Eclipse, with
> Marc> - prompt
> Marc> - command completion
> Marc> - command history
> I don't think it will do completion or history.  It doesn't 
> use readline.

That is too bad.  I will have to try it out and figure
out what is missing.

> It seems trivial to support these from Eclipse though.
> You can send plain gdb commands and you can use the complete 
> command to do completion.

Yes, I've been meaning to use the complete command for a while
but never took the time.

> History you can implement in your UI.

Guess so :-(

> I agree about the prompt.

That is good news :-)

> Marc> - synchronization with the Eclipse UI
> What does this mean?

Have Eclipse update properly after commands given
from this new telnet console.  But doing that will
require some GDB events that are not there yet.
But that is the final goal of the Eclispe 


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