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Re: RFC: Introduce remote console for CLI interpreter via telnet

>>>>> "Marc" == Marc Khouzam <> writes:

Tom> I don't think it will do completion or history.  It doesn't 
Tom> use readline.

Marc> That is too bad.  I will have to try it out and figure
Marc> out what is missing.

I think it isn't easily possible.  Readline really wants a tty, but this
is just a plain socket connection.

I really think you are better off just implementing a console in your
GUI, and doing the various editing things there.

Tom> History you can implement in your UI.

Marc> Guess so :-(

Actually, I guess interoperating with gdb's history would be nice.  It
would mean that users could "set history save on" and then have their
commands show up in Eclipse as well.

I think this would need some new MI commands.  Specifically, you'd need
an MI request to fetch previous history items.

If you want this, would you mind filing a bug report?

Tom> I agree about the prompt.

Marc> That is good news :-)

Another bug report :)

Marc> - synchronization with the Eclipse UI

Tom> What does this mean?

Marc> Have Eclipse update properly after commands given
Marc> from this new telnet console.  But doing that will
Marc> require some GDB events that are not there yet.
Marc> But that is the final goal of the Eclispe 
Marc> gdb-console.

Ok, I see.  We've added some events in this last release cycle.
Please file bugs for what you need.  These are usually not too hard to


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