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Re: ping: Re: [patch] Forbid "run" etc. for use_gdb_stub targets

On Sun, 04 Dec 2011 02:02:06 +0100, Doug Evans wrote:
> I'd like to get away from conflating anything related to gdb stubs and
> valgrind / gdbserver.

Currently $use_gdb_stub means the startup has been already executed when the
testsuite gets into GDB control.

IIUC in reality currently the real stubs are not in use but gdbserver in
non-extended mode behaves as native GDB with the stubs in the past.

Maybe $use_gdb_stub name is not fortunate for what it does, real stubs are
only subset of $use_gdb_stub cases.

wrt valgrind, you may be referring to:
# Therefore shouldn't be the gdb.server/ext-*.exp testfiles skipped if the
# target board defined use_gdb_stub?  (ext-attach.exp already is skipped, for
# the [is_remote target] reason)

Currently I did not change on the GDB testsuite behavior what was not clearly
wrong.  Therefore:
 * If a testcase can run only in some its specific mode/board of run:
   * Some testcases skip themselves if their mode/board is not satisfied.
     --- if [is_remote target] then { return 0 }
   * Some testcases enforce their mode/board no matter what mode has been
     specified by user for the testsuite.
     --- gdbserver_start_extended
     This creates duplicate runs of a testcase in the same mode/board if one
     runs the testsuite in multiple modes.
 * If a testcase is compatible with any mode/board it uses the mode/board
   specified by user for the testsuite.

So far I just fixed those cases there were clearly wrong - such as spawning a
gdbserver and then running new inferior locally in GDB.

In the case of gdb.base/valgrind-db-attach.exp it enforces its mode and always


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