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Re: [PATCH 034/238] [misc.] Fix -Wshadow warnings.

On Monday 05 December 2011 13:26:46, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > > Looks OK to me. But Pedro might comment on the new variable name
> > > (sal->sal2).
> [...]
> > Initially it was sal->las which probably isn't better, so I'll wait
> > for some consensus to arise on this patch too.
> FWIW, I'm OK with sal2. I also agree with stan that it's best to
> avoid `las' (cute, though :-))

sal2 is fine with me too.

There might actually be a bug here, that I still haven't managed
to investigate:

(but don't let this block your patch.)

Michael wanted sal2 too, so sal2 it is.

Curiously, we have very few instances of struct symtab_and_line
that aren't called "sal" or don't have "sal" in their name:

 $ grep "struct symtab_and_line[ \t]\+[A-Za-z_]\+;" * -rn | grep -v sal
 linespec.c:1910:  struct symtab_and_line val;
 linespec.c:2000:  struct symtab_and_line val;
 mi/mi-cmd-file.c:36:  struct symtab_and_line st;
 symtab.c:1923:  struct symtab_and_line val;

But they're all close enough.  Interestingly, sal2 is the first.  :-)

$ grep sal2 * -rn

Sals are funny creatures.

Pedro Alves

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