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Re: [PATCH] Add the "-info-os" command to MI

On Wednesday 23 November 2011 23:37:22, Kwok Cheung Yeung wrote:
> >> +@smallexample
> >> +(gdb)
> >> +-info-os
> >> +^done,OSDataTable=@{nr_rows="9",nr_cols="2",hdr=[@{width="10",alignment=
> >> +"-1",col_name="col0",colhdr="Type"@},@{width="10",alignment="-1",col_nam
> >> +e="col1",colhdr="Description"@}],body=[item=@{col0="processes",col1="Lis
> >> +ting of all processes"@},item=@{col0="procgroups",col1="Listing of all p
> >> +rocess groups"@},item=@{col0="threads",col1="Listing of all threads"@},i
> >> +tem=@{col0="files",col1="Listing of all file descriptors"@},item=@{col0=
> >> +"sockets",col1="Listing of all internet-domain sockets"@},item=@{col0="s
> >> +hm",col1="Listing of all shared-memory regions"@},item=@{col0="semaphore
> >> +s",col1="Listing of all semaphores"@},item=@{col0="msg",col1="Listing of
> >> + all message queues"@},item=@{col0="modules",col1="Listing of all loaded
> >> + kernel modules"@}]@}
> >
> > The lines here are broken in arbitrary places, which will look
> > illegible in the manual.  Please reformat the example so that the
> > output could be readable by humans.
> >
> Well, one could argue that MI wasn't meant to be easily human-readable :-) That 
> output is exactly how it would look if the command were issued by a human, and 
> it might be confusing if a user issues the command and doesn't get the nicely 
> formatted output shown in the manual. I'm happy to make the changes if you think 
> that is not an issue though.

Yes, that is not an issue.  We have other examples of a putting breaks in place
to make it more readable.  See e.g., the example of "-list-thread-groups".

Pedro Alves

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