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Re: [PATCH] gdb.ada/catch_ex.exp, gdb.ada/mi_catch_ex.exp and unsupported catchpoints

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Brobecker <> writes:

>> (gdb) catch exception
>> Cannot insert catchpoints in this configuration.

Joel> We're going to have to talk to the guys who decided to build the Ada
Joel> runtime without debugging info. The normal way to build the runtime
Joel> is no debug info *except* for a few files. This is really doing a
Joel> disservice to the users!

Fedora strips everything to a separate debuginfo file in an automated
way.  There might be an exception for one library, but last time I asked
about this, I was told that exceptions are a pain and could we please do
something else.  Also, the granularity of debuginfo packages is quite

This is one reason we ended up using sdt.h probes in preference to a
special unwind hook function for the C++ "next-over-throw" work.

If you can make it so this can work without debuginfo somehow, that
would be much better for users.  I think the sdt.h approach is quite
awesome; though it is ELF-specific (still -- better to do excellently on
some platforms if possible) and maybe hard to port to Ada.


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