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Re: [PATCH] Add bp_location to Python interface

Kevin Pouget <> writes:

> Hello,
> I would like to discuss this patch which introduces a new Python class
> gdb.BpLocation, mapped from breakpoint.h::struct bp_location.


> I noticed that the Python interface doesn't offer so many details
> about breakpoint location, just gdb.Breakpoint.location, the string
> used to set the breakpoint (its linespec?)

Because we use gdb.Breakpoints for watchpoints as well, it also
represents the expression used to set the watchpoint.

> So this new class, which is currently strictly read-only and not
> instantiatable, exports the address and inferior in which the
> breakpoint was set (and an enabled flag, and a link to its owner
> breakpoint).

I think it should only ever be read-only.  

> BpLocation object are available through the gdb.Breakpoint.locations method.

If a user expected a string for a location, delivering ab object here
would break API?

> I think that this class would also help Python users to better
> control/understand where their breakpoints are set with Tom's recent
> changes about ambiguous linespec

Yes I think so too.

Cheers, Phil

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