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[RFC] a script to update our gnulib import...


My ultimate goal is to import gnulib's update-copyright to the list
of gnulib modules we import in the GDB sources. This is in preparation
for the 2012 Start of Year procedure which is going to come soon...
I thought I'd do it in two steps:

  1. Refresh our gnulib import to the latest sources;
  2. Add/import update-copyright.

This way, I know that the patch for the step 1 is a pure refresh.
And that the patch for step 2 is a pure import of a new module.

But the thing is, the import procedure is not completely obvious
to me. I eventually managed to make it work (meaning it built on
x86_64-linux) but I'm not sure I didn't break something on another
more exotic platform. Also, it's not clear to me which modules we
have imported so far.

This is why I thought the whole process should be somewhat done
by a script which anyone can run to do an update, or to add a new
module.  Attached is a first attempt at the script.


        * New script.

Still to be done/discussed:

 (a) Is the list of modules complete? I listed the three that I could
     figure out.  I deleted the whole gnulib/ subdirectory and
     recreated it using the script and GDB seems to build. Nothing
     seems to be deleted except some files in gnulib/extra
     (arg-nonnull.h, c++defs.h, warn-on-use.h). Are we using those?

 (b) Is the update procedure to regenerate configure, Makefiles et al
     complete? Right now, after the gnulib-tool is called, we do
     the following:

        aclocal -Ignulib/m4 &&
        autoconf &&

     Do we need to call autoheader, aclocal without argument, etc?



PS: The suggestion to use gnulib's update-copyright was made because
    it handles more files than our emacs-based script
    does.  And it will hopefully be much faster as well.

Description: Bourne shell script

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