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Re: [PATCH] PR threads/10729: x86 hw watchpoints and non-stop mode

On Mon, 12 Dec 2011 12:20:31 +0100, Pedro Alves wrote:
> " gdbserver already has a per-process structure for the debug registers,
>   yet, your implementation is different, which makes it gratuitously harder
>   to share and move code between the gdb and gdbserver implementations. "

While I agree that current FSF GDB state is what it is and I have to new gdb
patch the same as the checked-in gdbserver patch it was chronologically the
opposite way as I stated in:

The Doug's gdbserver patch was posted 18 months after the gdb patch of mine
being ignored.

> " gdbserver gets away without the iteration over all threads setting the
>   debug registers synchronously, which merged to native gdb, I think
>   could get rid of some of the churn in your patches, I think, in addition
>   to fixing watchpoints in non-stop mode (PR10729). "
> The latter is what my patch now brings to gdb.  In my mind, I was even
> helping get those patches closer to being mainlined...


* I will rebase the 2007 patch on this 2011 non-stop patch of yours.

* I will rename structures of the 2007 patch to the 2009 gdbserver one.

  * Depending on how feasible it will be I will then unify the structures into
    gdb/common/ as nobody else is working on this part now.

I hope this plan is OK to get the 2007 patch checked in.

I do not understand why to deal with watchpoints as they still do not work
even for GDB-on-GDB debugging as they stop working already during the
grand-inferior fork.  Moreover the same happens with any desktop apps.


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