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Re: [RFC] a script to update our gnulib import...

>    OK. I will also look at Alfred's suggestion (Alfred: to answer your
>    question, I just don't know enough about gnulib, and the
>    documentation still still quite sketchy - plus, we don't use
>    automake in GDB, so that adds an extra layer of interpretation).
> If you'd like I can help you, the bootstrap script in gnulib doesn't
> depend on automake I think.

Thanks! What I am looking for, really, is have a module import list
somewhere, and a procedure that anyone can use to refresh our import.
It sounds from what you are saying like the bootstrap script could
help. From the little I've read in the gnulib doc, there might be
other ways as well, but one thing I'd like, is for us to maintain
explicitly the list of modules we directly import (that way, we can
always recreate the gdb/gnulib/ subdir, even after a wipe - the wipe
could be used to recreate from scratch for instance).

That's very kind of you. If you don't have time, don't sweat it.
But with our no-automake setup, it's hard sometimes to follow
the gnulib documentation. I usually end up figuring things out
through a combination of documentation and experimentation...


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