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Re: [patch 1/2] Make gdbtui a shell script

On 12/21/11 4:23 AM, Joel Brobecker wrote:
it is discussed for years it is not great to have almost the same gdb and
gdbtui binaries, each ~5MB.  Make gdbtui a shell script.

I am not so sure how well is the shell script portable across Unices.
I assume MinGW is out of question anyway but that may not be a concern.
How about not providing gdbtui at all, not even a shell script?
Hmmm, maybe a little extreme?

Googling around, I see quite a few references to "gdbtui" out in the world, including ones with target prefixes and the like - for example, at . It seems a little disruptive to our users and repackagers to have the name disappear altogether with no prior warning.

Assuming that this patch is only going into trunk, then it seems sufficient to add a news item to 7.4 warning of the coming change, or even adding a deprecation warning to the branch's tui-main, which will give everybody the 7.4 - 7.5 interval to update their usages.


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