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Re: [RFA] Have block_innermost_frame start from selected frame

> I find that GDB should ask or at least warn more in general.

OK, I see why you are suggesting queries and menus, now.

I think that generally speaking, we're trying to be less verbose,
to make sure that any important message does not get drowned as
you explain.  Similarly, I would like us to limit the number of
queries and menus to the minimum as well. That's why the
multiple-symbols setting is set to "all" rather than "ask", for
instance. I realize it's a matter of opinion, and people can
easily disagree. No problem.

But I think we can easily do without the query here. As I said,
the old behavior can be reproduced. The new behavior is more versatile.
And, to me at least, and the few at AdaCore who discussed this,
we all concluded that the new behavior made more sense than the old.

> > It's the only way to get the value of "var" in our testcase, and you
> > cannot currently do it with the old behavior.
> You can already do so many things with GDB, just people do not do even
> 5% of them because it is all too magic to learn.

You are probably right, but following your logic, we should dumb GDB
down. Many times, that's a good thing, I agree. But I don't think
that's always the case. And I do think that it goes against general
usability in our situation.


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