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Re: [RFA] Add testcase for locals identified with FUNCTION::VAR syntax.

On Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Joel Brobecker <> wrote:
> Do you know where these are defined? And are there any other such
> useful globals that we can use? I need to document them in the
> testing cookbook, because I keep looking for them, and then
> eventually redefine them over and over again...

[Paul already replied, but yeah, /usr/share/dejagnu/runtest.exp.]

> Thanks!
>> I notice scope.exp has similar tests.
>> Would it make sense to move this there?
> Personally, I think it's fine to have a small self-contained
> testcase that deals mostly with scoping vs recursion. I actually
> like it better that way, but I know people may prefer it the other
> way. My opinion for liking smaller testcases is that it's usually
> easier to reproduce the problem: You don't have to sort through
> a lot of unrelated stuff that happens before the problem occurs.

I don't have a strong preference.
I mostly just wanted to raise the issue.
The patch is fine with me.

[I'd feel uncomfortable with forcing someone to hack on scope* before
cleaning it up anyway. :-)]

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