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Re: [RFC] Initial pass at supporting the Go language

> This patch is a first pass at supporting the Go language.
> There's still lots to do, but this is a start.

I quickly skimmed through the patch, particularly the changes
in GDB. I like how you've nicely and consistently documented
your code. From the comments, I can see that you have a feature
that is similar to what we have in Ada, namely to be able to
use the unqualified name of an entity. For instance, if you have
a variable foo in package bar, you want to be able to write
either, you want to be able to use either "print bar" or
"print". If that's correct, it's interesting how
you decided to side-step the problem (assuming I understood
your changes correctly).

(I even noticed that Ada is mentioned somewhere - didn't try
to understand why, though).

Just a tiny thing that sort of caught my attention while flash
forwarding the testing part of your code (nice number of tests!).

> +# Start with a fresh gdb.
> +
> +gdb_exit
> +gdb_start
> +gdb_reinitialize_dir $srcdir/$subdir

Use clean_restart?

Clearly a fair amount of work has already gone into that port.
I'm impressed.


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