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Re: [PATCH] Another board file for remote host

Jan Kratochvil <> writes:

>> > 	cd gdb; make -j20 -k check//unix/-m64 check//unix/-m32
>> > 	etc.
>> Do we want to run testing in remote host in parallel?  If RUNTESTFLAGS
>> is not empty, the tests will be serialized unless FORCE_PARALLEL is set.
> This is unrelated as I can run multiple testsuites at once on the same host
> from unrelated GDB source-trees/build/trees.
> Besides that I do use FORCE_PARALLEL:

Do you plan to use this board file local-remote-host-native.exp to run
tests in parallel (set FORCE_PARALLEL to 1)?  If yes, I am not sure it
is correct, because I don't think current gdb testsuite support parallel
testing for remote host.  If no, why do we have to worry about parallel
testing?  We can mention that parallel testing with this board file is
not supported.

> I even run all testsuites twice at the same time - for i686 and x86_64
> although I run them in different chroots so this issue would not matter.
> But I could run the i686 build even on x86_64 just compiling everything
> with -m32 (which I also do).

If you think it is unsafe to copy files to a global place (/tmp/gdb/),
how about copy files to ${build_testsuite}/remote-host?
${build_testsuite} is the directory created by GDB having the
"testsuite." prefix.  For example, if we do:

  make -k check //unix/{-m32,-m64}

the ${build_testsuite} will be ${build_dir}/gdb/testsuite.unix.{-m32,-m64},
and source files are copied to
${build_dir}/gdb/testsuite.unix.{-m32,-m64}/remote-host.  Is it good to you?

Yao (éå)

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