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Re: [PATCH 3/9 v7] Introduce target_{stop,continue}_ptid

Pedro Alves writes:
 > On 09/12/2014 05:53 PM, Doug Evans wrote:
 > > That may be sufficient for me to make this patch checkin-able,
 > > but before then I'd like to understand how and where
 > > this function will be used from gdb.
 > Can you clarify?  I don't have any plan to use this
 > elsewhere myself.  All we're doing is factoring out
 > the current use behind a common function so that both gdb
 > and gdbserver can implement it their own way.

I don't see the function being used in gdb by this patch set.
So, absent further info, the change to gdb/target.c is just adding
dead code.  I'm assuming that's not the case (*1), but until I
understand how it's going to be used in gdb it's not clear to
me whether code that uses it will be confusing to read.

(*1): I could have missed its use.
But even if it's dead code today, I don't mind it
in this particular case.

 > > btw, how about target_continue_with_no_signal (ptid_t ptid) ?
 > Fine with me.

In which case I'm happy.
Code that uses that name can be read unambiguously
(to me anyway).

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