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Re: [RFC] Use address_from_register in dwarf2-frame.c:read_addr_from_reg

On Wed, 27 Aug 2014, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:

> > I guess it isn't too hard to support gdbarch_convert_register_p in that
> > routine as well; I just didn't have any target to test on.
> > 
> > Can you try whether something along the following lines works for you?
>  I'll see if I can push it through testing, though it may take a few days 
> as some of MIPS hardware I use (and especially 64-bit one) is slooow (and 
> I already have a test run under way).

 I had results a few days ago already, but I had to find some time to 
filter out intermittent failures.  I have done it now and the results look 
good.  For the record, I tested the mips-linux-gnu target and the 
following multilibs:

-EB -msoft-float
-EB -mips16
-EB -mips16 -msoft-float
-EB -mmicromips
-EB -mmicromips -msoft-float
-EB -mabi=n32
-EB -mabi=n32 -msoft-float
-EB -mabi=64
-EB -mabi=64 -msoft-float

and the -EL variants of same.  My toolchain defaults to and test hardware 
used implement the MIPS32r2 or MIPS64r2 ISA as applicable.


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