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Re: [PATCH v6] Events when inferior is modified

On 17/09/14 18:32, Nick Bull wrote:
> Hi,
> [Resending because the previous discussion petered out without achieving signoff. The patch is identical to before except where line numbers have changed as the mainline has moved on.]
> This patch was originally submitted a few months ago; at that time it
> was looked at by Phil Muldoon and others, and there were no outstanding
> comments.  I've updated it to take account of mainline changes, but
> otherwise it is unchanged.
> "This patch adds new observers, and corresponding Python events, for
> various actions on an inferior: calling a function (by hand),
> modifying registers or modifying memory.
> A use case for these events is that by flagging these occurrences, it
> can be noticed that the execution of the program is potentially
> 'dirty'.  (Hence why the notification doesn't carry information about
> what was modified; for my purposes it's enough to know that /a/
> change has happened.)"
> Nick

Can a global maintainer please look at this and give a sign-off? Just a
straight yes or no will do. I have already reviewed it and asked
several times for a sign-off.  Nick has been very patient, and I think
at this point it is becoming somewhat annoying to pester for someone
to let Python patches through.



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