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Re: [PATCH] Remove support for "rtld_" prefix on solib-svr4 probes

On Thursday, September 25 2014, Pedro Alves wrote:

> There's the system GDB, that is usually maintained by the
> distro, but then it's quite often the case that people build
> and ship their own tools on top of the distro, bypassing the
> system tools.


> I tend to view supporting older-ish distros that people might
> still be using like the proprietary OSs we "support" (in a sense).
> I think that just as we'd accept a patch that makes GDB work better
> on Windows 7 OOTB (e.g., to work around some debug API issue), even
> though there's already Windows 8 out there, I think patches that make
> GDB work better OOTB on a bit older (but still in use) distros are
> fine, as long as they don't get in the way of progress and don't
> impose a big maintenance burden.

Heh, in my personal opinion GDB should not support proprietary OSes
OOTB.  But I certainly don't want to start a flamewar.

As for support a bit older distro that might still be out there, I
totally agree with you.  The problem is that we (as a community) don't
usually track those things very well, and code here tends to be forgot
until someone stumbles on it because of some bug...

> IMHO, there's no harm in leaving this particular bit in
> a while longer.

Me too, definitely, but there's the issue I raised in the sentence

> But I certainly won't cry over this.  I'm not personally affected.
> If others are fine with yanking this out, I'll be fine with it too.

Thanks.  I will wait a few more days, and if nobody else objects, I will
go ahead and push this patch in.

BTW, if I push this in, I believe my other patch to adjust the testsuite
becomes obvious, right?  (Assuming that the test is indeed needed, as
you already pointed out).


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